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Bernese Mountain Dogs
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kennel Fortuneia


The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams

Fortuneia kasvandikud osalesid sel nädalavahetusel usinalt näitustel ning tulemused olid päris head  .

Valgevenes toimus 08.11.2009 rahvuslik näitus. Fortuneia Fort Knox esines esimest korda juunioriklassis. Tulemuseks oli JCAC, tõu parima juuniori tiitel ning juunioride BIS-il 8. koht. Palju õnne Juliale, Ninale ja Adale Forti kodukennelisse Gven Blaid!

Fotol on Fortuneia Fort Knox

On 08.11.2009 Fortuneia Fort Knox was shown in the junior class for the first time in Minsk national all breed dog show. He won the JCAC and best of breed junior title, plus the 8th place in Junior BIS competition. Good game, Forti!   Congratulations to Julia, Nina and Ada to Forti's home kennel Gven Blaid (White Wolf).


Samal nädalavahetusel osales näitustel ka Fortuneia French Kiss V Schaetzend, kellel õnnestus taas võita kaks korda uhkeid tiitleid: Winners Female, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex ning Best Puppy in Breed. Kõigest 9-kuusel kutsikal on Kanada tšempionitiitel juba käpaga katsuda - ta on kogunud 8 CKC punkti (kõik "major" võitudest!), ning sel aastal on ta kirjas veel ühe nädalavahetuse näitustel...   Kohtunikud arvasid justkui ühest suust, et Hershey on hiilgava liikumisega särav ja heatujuline koerapreili, kellel noorusele vaatamata suurepäraselt arenenud kehaehitus. Palju õnne Denise'ile Hershey ja Keeperi kodukennelisse Schaetzend!

Fotodel on BOB - CAN CH Gatekeeper v Gipfelfeuer ning BOO - Fortuneia French Kiss V Schaetzend.

On the photos 2x: BOB - CAN CH Gatekeeper v Gipfelfeuer & BOO - Fortuneia French Kiss V Schaetzend  

On the same weekend, Fortuneia French Kiss V Schaetzend was shown in Canada. She managed to take 2 x Winners Female, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy in Breed. Now she is just a pawstep away from the CAN CH title, having collected already 8 CKC points (all from major wins), being only 9 months old.
Her owner Denise wrote to me: "She is becoming a strong girl with movement to die for. Her front is wonderful, side gait is awesome and she loves to self stack! So as a show girl she is doing super! She walked into the building like she owned it and was so very happy. She came up to everyone and all dogs and wanted to play and it was so cool to see her waiting for pictures with a young great dane boy. She really likes to rough and tumble and so we kept the fun and games to low key. She is not bothered by sizes of any kind and types of dogs are all fun! She has a bring it on attitude which I love! She has beaten Specials dogs and bitches and aged dogs as well so I see only good things coming from her in the future."
Do these words make me happy or what?   Huge congratulations to Denise to Hershey's and Keeper's home kennel Schaetzend!


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